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Control4 Home Automation

Control4 – The Smarter Living Experience

  Control4 has many options for your Smart Home system. Beyond just controlling lights and temperature via your wireless device AudioWorks, Inc. can make your home truly SMART. Drop shades when temperature rises above a certain point or the sun is in a certain position that may fade your floors or furniture, automatically. Create vacation modes that creates the illusion that someone is home even when you are not. Get notifications when doors are left open, alarms are not armed, [...]

Home Theater – TecVision Stuns in Utah Home Cinema

One of our private home theater installations was featured by Draper, a premiere projection screen manufacturer. This project was a blast! We were working with very tight constraints. Since the screen in this home theater was going to be installed into a finished room it had to be perfect. The measurements had to be relayed to the manufacturer precisely. Due to the size of the install there were no second chances, the install had to go perfect on the [...]