Home Automation – The Elements of a Smart Home

Home Automation – The Elements of a Smart Home

The Elements of a Smart Home

Using your integrator for the following services ensures your automation system works seamlessly. A world of possibilities opens up when each of these systems talk to one another.

Here are the services AudioWorks, Inc can provide for your Smart Home –

Home Networking

Your system relies on having a solid base to operate, regardless of scale AUdioworks, Inc will design a system that fits.

4k Video, 24 Bit Audio

The absolute best in audio and video quality throughout your home, in any room, on any display.

HVAC Control

Radiant, forced air, evaporative cooling, chiller based, AudioWorks can control them all.

Home Security

Intrusion and fire, using AudioWorks as your security contractor will ensure quick notification and automation events based on alarm status. Check in on your system and get notifications no matter where you are.

Monitored Access

Automatic locks, coded entry, even biometric controlled locks; know who is getting access to your home.


A lighting system isn’t just for convenience and luxury, security is enhanced, entertainment is enhanced. A good lighting system very often becomes the favorite aspect of a truly smart home. Panelized systems eliminate wall clutter while wall module based systems allow you to outfit existing homes.

Automated Shades

Wired or wireless, new construction or existing; AudioWorks offers the quietest motorized window treatment systems in the industry, all compatible with your smart home system.


HD Quality surveillance to keep an eye on your home when you are away or to catch criminal activity.  Even license plate and facial recognition.

Smart Irrigation

Weather/environmental based irrigation controllers that know what your landscape needs so nothing is wasted.


All of these areas are great on their own, but when they work together your home is truly SMART. AudioWorks specializes in each so they can all be brought under the same ecosystem, for simplicity and true home automation.

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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