The TecVision Difference

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The TecVision Difference

One question we often get asked is “What’s the difference between TecVision and your standard viewing surfaces?”

The simple marketing answer would be that TecVision’s premium features offer the benefit of a better image and viewing experience.

But there’s a lot that goes into that simple statement.

For instance, Draper’s standard viewing surfaces—including our woven and micro perf acoustically transparent screens—are 4K ready. That means you won’t see any artifacts from the screen from a distance of twice the screen’s height. All of our TecVision surfaces, however, are 8K ready. The benefit there is that you don’t see any defects or artifacts from the screen from a distance of only 1.5 times the screen’s height.

You get better, more accurate colors with TecVision. These surfaces have been certified for color accuracy by the Imaging Science Foundation. This certification means that our TecVision surfaces are not changing the way the colors look on the screen. Other screen surfaces from throughout the industry rely on blue tints and other color tricks to make images appear brighter or to make other changes in the picture. When an image hits a TecVision surface—even a higher gain surface—the colors you see are as they were intended by the content creator—as long as you have a projector that has either been ISF-certified or calibrated by an ISF-trained professional.

Ever been sitting off to the side and wondered why the image looked washed out? Another difference is especially important in the grey TecVision surfaces. Many times, grey screens used for ambient light rejection look great on axis, but as soon as you move to the left or right you start to lose the image. TecVision grey surfaces reject ambient light and provide viewing cones up to 180 degrees. Now everyone in the room gets the same great picture.

TecVision is also more versatile, so if there isn’t a solution out there, we can work with you to create one. When we first introduced the line, there were five formulations. In the year after introduction, three additional formulations were added to the line as the need for tweaks to provide specific solutions came up. Since we make all TecVision screens ourselves, to order, in our Spiceland, Indiana facility, we have the ability to make tweaks and create new formulations much more quickly.

If you want an image that looks the same no matter where you look on the screen, TecVision is again the best choice. The uniformity is far superior to that found in other viewing surfaces. You’ve probably had screen surfaces where the gain differed from the center of the screen to the corner, or the same screen material looked and performed differently when ordered at different times. TecVision provides uniform performance across the entire screen surface, and also between separate shipments.

Draper's TecVision

Draper’s TecVision

Another TecVision advantage comes into play with larger screens. Most manufacturers have to go to a seamed surface to meet larger size requirements. With standard viewing surfaces, the seams are typically invisible while under projection from normal seating arrangements. With Optically Seamless TecVision, we seam the substrate, not the TecVision formulation. The result is a seam which is invisible to most people even when not under projection. Draper is so confident that we will take back a screen if, while under projection, the seam can be seen from five feet away. That’s even better than the 8K standard. Nobody in the industry offers that guarantee.

The final TecVision benefit is a very important one: it can put more money in your pocket. Of course, TecVision screens are premium surfaces, and thus more expensive than standard surfaces, so how could they possibly save money? Simple: Instead of spending a lot more money to get a brighter or better projector, you can spend a little more on TecVision to get the better, brighter image!

-Terry Coffey

AudioWorks, Inc. has used Draper’s TecVision screens with astonishing results. Call us today for a free consult on your new theater.

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