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Security Systems – by AudioWorks, Inc.


Security Systems – by AudioWorks

In servicing Utah for over 30 years AudioWorks noticed something lacking in the security industry with most providers… great service and reliable operation. Today’s home automation systems require all pieces to work in harmony, security being one of the biggest and most important pieces. We quickly realized that most providers only wanted to get you to sign that contract, not concerned about the service they provide or if their system even functions correctly. That presents a big problem with something as important as your family’s safety.

AudioWorks began noticing these issues roughly 5 years ago as home automation systems became more available and more powerful. We began exploring the option of becoming a provider ourselves so as to provide the same high level of service and quality installation on your security system as we provide on your entertainment and automation systems. It was a long process but we wanted to make sure we did it right, we wanted to make sure our security systems stood above the others. If we were putting our name on it, it had to be the best it could be.  And we believe we have achieved this.

The benefits you will receive when you choose a security system from AudioWorks

  • NO CONTRACTS – AudioWorks does not believe you should be locked into a contract; if you are unhappy with our service for any reason you should be able to take your business elsewhere. The no contract model is peace of mind in knowing that we will be there every step of the way. Making sure your system is ALWAYS working, not just during the contract terms.
  • YOU OWN THE EQUIPMENT – This is different from most other providers that work under the contract model. They generally lease the equipment to you charging a monthly fee for its use. This means you are OVERPAYING for equipment over the life of the contract. At AudioWorks we decided against this model; we don’t believe it is extremely fair. Instead, we decided to sell the equipment to you at a very low rate. No monthly fees associated with leasing, no termination charge should you decide to discontinue service. Now, this does eliminate the ability for us to do “free installs” but when was the last time you had a “free install” that you were pleased with? At AudioWorks we take pride in our work and want to make sure the job is done right and exceeds your expectations.
  • ONLY WHAT YOU NEED – We design these systems to secure your home and your family. We design these systems to achieve that the best way possible. We will not sell you a 32 zone system if an 8 zone system will do the job correctly. Of course, this is YOUR home. We will include you every step of the way on the design and implementation. Have a request? Lets discuss it, since these systems are custom designed for your home you are not tied to what is included in a kit. Anything is possible.
  • ONE CALL SERVICE – As automation systems encompass more and more of your home systems it becomes a nightmare trying to remember who to call when one of those systems has trouble. With AudioWorks as your provider we service it all. You make one call with any issue to any part of your system. This eliminates the need to have your security contractor and automation programmer out at the same time when you want changes made or if there are issues with the system.
  • LOCAL MONITORING – AudioWorks has teamed up with a local central station to ensure the best service and dispatch for alarm events. With several different monitoring packages we can provide our first rate services at a very competitive monthly rate.
  • FULL AUTOMATION – When AudioWorks handles your security you can be assured that everything will work together seamlessly. Eliminate the need for several separate apps to control your home; eliminate the confusion. Tie your Lutron or Control4 lighting into the security system to alert authorities or illuminate paths at night. With AudioWorks providing the systems, full automation is possible. Want remote arming/disarming/notifications? We can do it all, integrated into the automation systems you already know.
  • FULL HD SURVEILLANCE – Surveillance systems are some of the most confusing systems out there to use. AudioWorks has teamed up with LUMA to provide you with outstanding, HD quality video surveillance that is actually intuitive to use. Local recording for security and easy access from any web enabled device.

Most importantly, with AudioWorks, you are more than a contract. Most security companies aim only to get you to sign on the dotted line so they can sell your contract to the highest bidder. At AudioWorks we are aiming to build a relationship with you; to provide your family with the absolute best in home technology. We want you to become a customer for life with AudioWorks and instead of locking you into a contract we want you to choose us for our service and expertise that we believe is second to none. We hope you will agree.


Call us today for a free in-home consultation on your new security system!

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