Business Music Systems – Are you licensed?

Business Music Systems Utah

Business Music Systems – Are you licensed?

Business Music Systems and Licensing

If you are not playing fully licensed music in your business you could be putting yourself, and your business, at risk. AudioWorks has teamed up with Mood:Media to make it easy to supply your business with fully licensed, fully customizable music and playlists so you can have peace of mind. Instead of risking paying high licensing penalties Mood allows businesses access to a HUGE library of music for a low monthly rate.




Here are just some of the benefits of the Mood Mix music service –


Fully customizable streaming music at your fingertips
  • Create custom stations for your business
  • Complete control of playlists
  • Like or block songs to fine tune your sound
  • Reliable playback, no blips no skips no mess
  • Unlimited playback time with no ads or interruptions
  • No proprietary equipment required – works with any internet enabled device
  • Exclusively designed for business – fully licensed, screened for lyrics and content
  • Mood has secured all of the necessary licensing and public performance rights and partners with major licensing groups to guarantee that your business is fully covered
 MOOD: MOOD MIX also works great with your Sonos system should your business be lucky enough to have one.


The easiest to use and best-sounding system of its kind.
  • Radically simple, multi-room smart system setup of HiFi wireless speakers
  • Connects to WiFi; no speaker wires or internet cables required
  • Control the music and volume from Sonos’ easy-to-use app
  • Multiple speaker and audio components to tailor the sound to your location
  • Add additional speakers to expand your sound

Don’t have a business music system for your office, bar, retail location or restaurant? AudioWorks, Inc has over 30 years experience outfitting local businesses with systems that fit their needs and budget. Call us today for a free consultation.

If you are ready to add or try Mood:Media for your business follow the link to get started – 

Mood:Mix Music For Your Business

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AudioWorks can help you design the perfect business music system!

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