5 Cool Home Automation Trends in 2016

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5 Cool Home Automation Trends in 2016

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5 Cool Home Automation Trends

5. Geo-events

Your smartphone’s GPS capabilities are amazing. Why not harness its power to automate your home? Applications include – shutting off all the lights and locking the doors when you leave the home. Turn off the A/C automatically whenever you leave the office. Open your garage door automatically when you pull up to the house and turn on the lights if it is dark. Automatically arm your security system if you are away for a set period of time. All of these events triggered by nothing more than your location.

4. Weather Forecasting

Hot outside? Is it going to rain? Snow? These can all trigger automation events in your home. How about this scenario – It’s 95 outside, the sun is about to hit the west side of your house, your smart home system knows this and closes the shades automatically before the sun hits the west facing windows driving inside temperatures way up. Or in the winter, your system knows it’s cool outside and leaves the shades open to aid in heating your home. Maybe you set an alarm through your system, the system knows if snow is in the forecast waking you up a bit earlier so you have time to clear the drive and walkway.

3. Bluetooth Access Control

Hands full? Bluetooth access control allows your door to unlock simply by connecting to your phone’s Bluetooth. Just like RFid cards (access cards) your phone becomes the key to your front door. Multiple users? Not an issue, each Bluetooth device has a unique ID so multiple users can be set up and no unwanted users can access your home.

2.  Smart Irrigation

We’ve all seen it; someone watering their yard in a downpour. What if your sprinkler system could automatically skip a watering cycle if rain is in the forecast? Or automatically adjust your watering times based on the season to ensure proper root growth? Smart irrigation controllers are becoming one of the most popular features of the smart home. These use advanced algorithms to determine soil moisture level, evaporation rates and can dynamically change your watering schedule to make sure you have the best garden in the neighborhood without you doing a thing. And you’ll never be the house that has the sprinklers on in the rain again.

Smart Home Utah Home Automation Voice Control

1.  Amazon Echo Voice Control

It was inevitable, voice control has reached the smart home. With the power of Amazon Echo and the connectivity of today’s automation systems we can trigger all sorts of events based on your voice. “Turn my TV on”, “Lower the temperature”, “Turn on the lights”, “Arm the security”, the possibilities are endless, and best of all it’s more reliable than ever. This is huge for accessibility applications as well. Control every aspect of your home with your voice. Not to mention the Amazon Echo on its own is an amazing device.

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