What you should know about the latest HDMI video technologies.

HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, 4K, UHD, UHD Premium, SUHD, HDR, WCG....OMG! The amount of acronyms and numbers associated with new tv’s can be overwhelming and quite confusing. Here is a quick and simplified explanation of what it all means. At the most basic level all of these terms can be broken into three categories. Signal, Resolution, and Color. Hold tight because the acronyms are going to start flying! Signal HDMI, or High Definition Multimedia Interface, is the physical path and connection for the [...]

MY AV SYSTEM IS DOWN!! NOW WHAT?! AV System Troubleshooting

AV System Troubleshooting It happens; usually when the big game is on or you have a house full of people. At AudioWorks we do everything we can to ensure our systems are among the most reliable out there but glitches occur, power outages happen and the witching hour of AV is very real. Here are the most common issues we see with customers' systems when we go out on service calls. DirecTV Code 771 One of the most common error messages in [...]

Easy Home Automation? A 4yr shows us how easy it can be

How easy is a Control4 Home Automation System? Here is Ryder, who is 4 years old, to demonstrate exactly how to fire up your AV system using the Control4 Home Automation platform. These systems are meant to bring simplicity to all of your connected home devices, including your TV and music. Bringing all of these devices under one operating system allows them to communicate with one another and simplifies how you control your home.