MantelMount TV Mounting Solution

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MantelMount TV Mounting Solution

TV Mounting Above Your Fireplace

Since the introduction of the flat panel television, the idea of having a TV mounted above a fireplace has been the dream of many. Always a great idea in theory, the reality though is that most fireplaces are far too tall to mount a TV above that is able to be viewed comfortably. The average mantel height is 54″ above the top of the hearth (which ranges but averages 18″); this puts the bottom of your TV at 7′ in the air. Sitting at a distance of 10′ away this put you in a very uncomfortable position to watch your beautiful new TV.

TV mount above fireplace

So what is the solution?

We have found the perfect solution for this very problem and it comes from a company out of Vista, California called MantelMount.  MantelMount manufacturers a product that will allow you to mount your new large flat screen high above your fireplace and easily lower it into viewing position when you are ready to watch. This greatly reduces neck strain by bringing the TV down below the fireplace mantel as close to eye-level viewing as possible. It also allows the TV to swivel left and right.

MantelMount lowered

The entire system is gas arm assisted meaning raising and lowering TVs even over 110lbs can be done by one person. What’s more is the small handle that is installed to raise and lower the system will turn red if the heat coming off of the fireplace is exceeding safe temperatures for your TV (good insurance for those of you that have spent good money on a new 4K TV)

The MantelMount is the perfect solution for those that want the TV above the fireplace.  We strongly encourage anyone to look at the product when it fits their application.



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